Saturday, 26 July 2014

First Post - The Glamour Beauty Edit!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first blog post!! I'll kick start this one off by showing you what I recently received in the post last week, and that's The Glamour Beauty Edit box!

First thing I'll mention is the price. Considering how much you actually get, it's only £16.95 including posting, and it's worth over £86!! Now I think that's a bargain! Included in the box is a number of full size and sample size products, the normal with any beauty box. In total in this box you get 9 products. So let me show you!

Bourjois Cream Blush

This is a full size product (2.5g). Applying this to your cheeks is so quick and simple. It has a velvety texture to it, and it blends instantly with a natural look. I got the shade 'Nude Velvet 01'. I love the little pot it comes in, it has a handy mirror for on the go and even though there isn't much of the product, as long as you use it sparingly it'll last a long while! 

It also has a nice sweet smell to it, just like most Bourjois Paris products!

Crabtree and Evelyn Nail Lacquer

Again, this is a full size product (15ml) with more shades available. I got the shade Petal Pink and it's such a nice pretty colour. I haven't got many light colours, as I find it difficult to find ones that actually give my nails a strong enough colour that gives full coverage. This one worked well after a few coats, however I could still see the white tips of my nails slightly, but it still looked nice. It has a glossy look and is very smooth. A darker shade might look better in my opinion.

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance Sun Lotion SPF30

This is a nice sized product (100ml), and it's the perfect size for going on holiday! Now this smells absolutely gorgeous! It has quite a strong coconut/exotic scent. It's oil free, non-greasy, water resistant and it leaves your skin feeling soft and looking radiant! Being SPF30 is a bonus too!

Toni&Guy Volume Plumping Whip

This product is only 90ml but you only need a small amount of it to do it's job! I personally have very flat and straight hair so I find it difficult to find any product that gives it that boost it needs, but this stuff definitely helps towards getting my hair there! All you need is about a walnut sized amount rubbed through the roots of towel dry hair before heat-styling to volumise roots. It sometimes feels a little sticky after applying and if you put in a little too much it can make your hair feel weighed down. However, if you put in the right amount, it works quite well.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This is a nice little handy sized product (30ml) and it is designed to remove dirt and impurities from pores and dissolve make up. To buy a full size one of these is a little on the pricey side, but it is definitely is worth it! I was worried at first it would leave my skin feeling oily, but once you've applied it with dry hands to your face then washed it off it feels lovely, smooth and clean, with no oily feeling! This is a product I'm going to test out in the next couple of weeks to see if it helps my complexion, and I'll keep you updated!

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick

I was very excited to get this lipstick and to try it out as I LOVE my lipstick... But I'm so bummed as I got a colour that doesn't compliment my skin tone what so ever! It's a very deep brown, almost chocolaty colour. The shade I received is called 'Buff', and there are lots of shades available. When I did try this product though it had a nice satin finish to it and didn't feel dry. Having a look at all the other shades it comes in, I may have to try at least one of them out soon!

Rimmel London Sunshimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector

I'm not really that much of a fake tan person. Haven't really tried any instant tan products so this is a first for me. It has a very gorgeous healthy looking glow once applied, and luckily enough I got the light shade to try (I'm extremely pale so not too much of a jump into the deep end). It's designed to last 24 hours and gives you an even skin tone as long as applied properly.

You can sort of see the shade it is once rubbed in.

Only problem is the weather has been gorgeous where I live so I haven't had a real need for it yet!! So may save it for those darker months...

Velvotan The Original Tanning Mitt

Like I said before, I'm not really a fake tanning person, so I have never owned a tanning mitt! But I'm eager to give it a go once I have the need for it! It's a very nice and soft mitt which fits easily over your hand and is designed to leave a streak-free finish.

Magnifibres Brush-on False Lashes

I've left my favourite till last. I really did not think this would work, but I was proved wrong! I received a full size product and tried it out immediately. I have always wanted longer fuller eye lashes without the whole fuss of false ones, and I think I have found my product! This product is designed to lengthen your lashes by up to 5mm instantly. First you apply your own mascara to your lashes, then immediately apply a good amount of Magnifibres to your lashes whilst there still wet, the same way you would normal mascara. Then after 30-60 seconds, apply a second coat of your chosen mascara then hey presto! Lengthy lashes! So quick and easy. It doesn't look as full as false lashes but they definitely give a fuller and longer look than just applying mascara.

Definitely my favourite product in this box and I would highly recommend it!

So that's every product in The Glamour Beauty Edit! I definitely think for £16.95 it's worth it, and one or two of them I would purchase again!

If you have this box tell me your favourites! And if you have any recommendations for any other beauty boxes I should try please comment and I'll check them out!

Thanks for reading!!

A Bubbly Lady.
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  1. Great post cant wait to read some more of them!

  2. Looks like you got a bunch of goodies! Excited to see your future posts :)


  3. This box looks incredible! Need this in my life!

  4. Replies
    1. It's so nice! Just so gutted it won't make my skin tone... :(

  5. Great first post :) xx

    Brenda |


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