Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Liebster Award!

What do you have to do?
You MUST link back to the person who nominated you.
You HAVE to answer all the questions you were given by the person who nominated you.
You MUST choose 5-11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and come up with a new set of 11 questions for them.
Let your nominees know they’ve been nominated.
Sit back and relax, here goes…

I was so excited to see that I've been nominated for the Liebster award by two people! AJ from asiajade1996 and Hannah from A little pocket watch. So a huge thank you to them! So please go and check them out, they both have amazing blogs and they definitely deserve it!

The Liebster Award is a great way to help get blogs under 200 followers on BlogLovin more noticed, and it’s lovely to now be apart of it! I received two sets of questions, so here goes!

11 Questions from AJ

1. How long have you been blogging for?

I literally have only been blogging since last Saturday (26th July 2014), so that’s why I'm so surprised to receive this award! It’s lovely to be apart of the blogging community and I am loving it so far.

2. Why did you start blogging?

Well I am obsessed with watching YouTube videos, from beauty tips to gaming play-throughs, so I always wanted to start a channel myself, but nerves always got the better of me. I saw that a number of YouTubers actually had blogs and I loved reading them and I thought it was a great way for me to get started and talk about what I love, without getting nerves sitting in front of a camera. So here I am!

3. Do you have a YouTube Channel or are you planning on having one?

Well linked with the answer above, I would love to start a YouTube channel… But hopefully in a year or so I can gain the confidence to sit in front of a camera and just do it. I'm sure once I start I’ll get used to it, just that very first video is the hardest I guess…

4. What is your favourite season?

Definitely Autumn. I love the colour of the leaves, and It’s not too hot or cold either.

5. What are your plans for the rest of Summer?

Well I'm currently off work for a week, so this week is just relaxing, catching up on things I've been meaning to do (tidying my flat!), enjoying the sunshine with my partner and friends and doing a lot of wedding dress shopping (Yay!!). After that I go back to work unfortunately…  

6. What’s your favourite high street & high-end store?

Lush has got to be my favourite high street store. If I'm honest, I rarely go into high-end stores because of a lack of money *Sad Face!*, and also because I usually find everything I need in high street stores.

7. Do you have any plans for your blog in the future?

I would love to see this blog go far, Of course I’d love it to get really well known and out there, but I just love writing about things I love, so hopefully it’ll lead me to some exciting things in the future!

8. Where would you like to travel?

Gah, I have so many plans for travelling! I could list all the places, but I’ll just list my top 3.

3. Brazil
2. Thailand
1. New Zealand

9. Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?

I'm not quite sure, I just love the writing and talking with others, so wherever it takes me, I’ll be happy.

10. If you could time travel where/what would you travel back in time to?

Definitely back to just before my GCSE’s to set myself straight. They are one of the most important times of your life, and I just wished I concentrated more in them. I was a very lazy person and I didn't think they mattered, but now I've noticed how important they were.

11. Do you have any other hobbies?

I love photography and gaming. I'm a very big nerd at heart, and whenever I'm out in a pretty location I always have my camera glued to my eye.

Thank you so much AJ for your questions!

11 questions from Hannah

1. Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

I would love to be settled in my own home, with my then Husband (Eeek!!), and hopefully with a wee little baby!

2. Who first introduced you to beauty products?

I think it was my mum. Me and my best friend at the time would always be searching through her make up box for new things to try. I wasn't very good at that age though so It was a bit embarrassing!

3. Favourite fashion trend right now?

I'm loving baggy crop tops. It makes it a little bit easier for me to wear them with my unflattering belly and a pair of high waisters. 

4. Most played song on itunes?

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night

5. Who would play you in a movie of your life?

I would have to say Emma Stone. Probably my favourite female actress, but also because she would make me look funnier and prettier than I actually am!

6. Night in or night out?

Honestly, night in. I've got to that age when I prefer sitting in my PJs on the sofa with my partner, friends or family, some snacks and a good film.

7. What would your last meal on earth be?

Oh wow this is a difficult one… Um… So many good ones to choose from! I would have a starter of Nachos from Miller and Carter because they are my favourite! A main of Enchiladas with lots of  cheese, chicken and sauce, and a dessert of Banoffee Pie. They don’t really go together, but hey, it’s my last ever meal on Earth!

8. Favourite childhood memory?

At the moment it’ll probably be going on holidays in our caravan with my little puppy, Sally. We recently had to put her down due to a very bad illness (At the age of 15, so she did very well!). So it’s been quite a sad time, but thinking of all the happy memories with her makes it all better.

9. Who/what inspired you to start blogging?

Either Zoella or Sprinkle of Glitter. I couldn't stop watching them on YouTube, and as soon as I found they both had blogs I was hooked!

10. What is your dream career?

I'm not exactly sure, but I would love it to be something self employed, because I soon want to be able to work from home once I start a family.

11. Any books that changed your life?

Not what I can think of… My love for books started when I read The Time Travellers Wife, but I don’t think I have had any that changed my life.

Thank you Hannah for your questions!

Now for my nominations!

And here are your questions!

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
2. Do you have any pets? If yes, how many?
3. What is your favourite feel good movie?
4. What is your most worn item of clothing/jewellery?
5. Who is your role model?
6. What is the best piece of advise anyone has given you?
7. Do you prefer heels or flats?
8.  What is your funniest memory?
9. What is your favourite make up brand?
10. What is your favourite food to cook?
11. What are your life goals?

Tweet me once your done so I can read them!

Well done everyone and thank you again AJ and Hannah for nominating me!

A Bubbly Lady

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  1. I loved your answers to all the questions! My childhood was pretty much summed up by caravan holidays too, although I'm so sorry to hear about your dog!
    Make sure you let us know when you inevitably start your youtube channel :)

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you! You can't beat a good summer holiday in a caravan! :) x

  2. hey hun ... thanks for the nomination ... ive answered your questions :)

    You can find it on the blog ... http://craftmama087.blogspot.co.uk/

    hugs xxx


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