Sunday, 17 August 2014

Personal Update - Wedding Planning

It’s just under a year until my wedding day (Eeeee I’m so excited!!), and this is when most of the planning starts, so let the chaos begin! 

This week has been crazy busy. We’ve bought the bridesmaids and flower girls dresses which are beautiful! We have decided to go for a mint green theme for their dresses and I thought I would show you!

Darcy Mint
Long Dress -

Daisy Mint
Bridesmaid Dress

I absolutely love the little details on the flower girls dresses as they match the bridesmaids dresses perfectly.

We also bought my wedding dress this week! I would show you all but my hubby-to-be may see! All I can say is I actually bought it off the hanger in a shop called The Wedding Factory Outlet in Bromley. They sell end of the line dresses that are unused, just at heavily discounted prices. So the dress I bought should have been about £1,100, but I got it for £400! So an absolute bargain in my eyes! If your looking for a wedding dress and you want something either quickly or cheap, this is a great place to go. They have so many dresses in lots of sizes so they can accommodate for everyone.

This is such an exciting time for both my fiancé and I, so I'd love to share my wedding stories with you in the future!

Are any of you in the middle of organising your wedding? Got any tips or ideas for planning a wedding? Let me know if the comments!

A Bubbly Lady

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  2. how exciting!! the flower girl's dress is so cute! my only advice would be to always do what YOU want... it's YOUR wedding after all so dont let anyone persuade you to do otherwise :)


    1. Thank you Jessica! I really did need to hear this, never realised how tough planning a wedding can be whilst thinking I have to be pleasing everyone else.... So thank you! :)


  3. Hellooo Lovely!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!! :)


  4. This is so exciting! Weddings must be fun to plan... I wouldn't know. I've only been engaged for 3 years lol (had a baby first who's 2 now)! We're thinking 6 months from now. I should probably get on the planning right? :) Have fun and stay calm!

    The reason I'm not stressed is we're doing a destination wedding. We both really want one, and we'll have someone else deal with all the nitty gritty details. Raising a toddler is hard enough work I'll pass the stick to someone else for me for my wedding :) Can't wait to shop for dresses though! Those dresses are just beautiful!



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