Thursday, 28 August 2014

Take a peek into my phone

So I've got up to a fair few things this year so I thought I would show you what I've done by inviting you to look through the photos on my phone! Some are ones I have taken, and others are photos I've downloaded as I just loved them so much! 

So here goes! Lets take a look at the very first photo I took on this phone (I purchased it in March).

Ah Yes. Such a flattering photo... What possessed me to take this photo I will never know. But hey ho. It happened!

Face masks for the win!

So this is my future hubby, Nathan. We went out for a Chinese buffet to celebrate as Nathan had just finished his university lectures, but had already landed himself a job! So proud!
Countless trips to Lakeside Shopping Centre are a must.

Getting my second and third tattoos done. Paaainful!

From left to right, this is Patrick, Nathan, Becky and myself at Thorpe Park just after going on the log flume. We weren't expecting to get as wet as we did!

Gotta have a selfie or two in your phone!

For my birthday Nathan and I had a weekend away and the first place we stopped was Ston Easton Park hotel, near Bath. It's set in beautiful countryside and it's somewhere I would highly recommend staying.

On my birthday we visited the caves of Cheddar. I've been here quite a few times in my childhood, so it was lovely to go back and relive those memories.
The next day we went to Longleat Safari Park. This was the first time for me to drive through the safari myself so I was very excited, but anxious as well!

For our summer holiday this year Nathan and I went to the isle of Colonsay in Scotland with his parents and brother. This island is where Nathan's granddads family is from, so it was lovely to visit it.

Beer Fest in Chelmsford where there was fancy dress!

So there you go, a quick peek into my photo album on my phone and what I've been up to this year. I hope you enjoyed having a look!

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  1. Sure looks like you've had a fun meal! That photo of you with a pretzel at the mall totally just made me crave one!!


  2. Love your post!
    x Femke


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