Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition

The collection of lipsticks in my make up drawer is pretty big to say the least! Lipstick has to be my favourite make up item. I don't necessarily wear it every day, but I love my collection and I'm fully prepared for any occasion when one crops up. However, out of all of them, I definitely have a favourite range that I use more than others, and that is Bourjois Rouge Edition. I also apologise for the bad quality photos, my camera has died, and I couldn't find the charger, so they were taken on my phone... Typical of me! 

I own one Rouge Edition Lipstick and three Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks. I have actually written about these in the past on my July Favourites, but I love them so much, I felt like they needed their own post. Since then as well, a new shade has joined the family!

So from left to right I own; Fuchsia Graffiti, Peach Club, Hot Pepper and Frambourjoise.

First thing I'll say is I love the packaging. I find they are very stylish and sleek, and they stand out from my other lipsticks. Once applied they keep hold of the colour intensity all night long, even going through food and drinking.

Fuchsia Graffiti // Peach Club // Hot Pepper // Frambourjoise

My newest edition to the Rouge family is Fuchsia Graffiti. This one actually isn't a Velvet edition, it has a normal lipstick applicator and leaves your lips with a glossy finish and feeling hydrated and smooth. I'm loving bright pinks at the moment so as soon as I saw this, it was in my basket straight away!

So my other three shades, Peach Club, Hot Pepper and Frambourjoise, are part of the Velvet Edition. They have a slightly different applicator, and they leave an irresistible velvety feel. It's long lasting with 24hour hold and it's light weight. It also has a non-drying formula so it doesn't smudge, again, perfect for if your eating and drinking (which I do a lot of!).

This range will never fail to impress me, and once it's pay day I will be getting another cheeky shade, or two! There are so many shades to choose from, it's going to be difficult to decide which ones!

If you haven't already, get your hands on one of these and give them a try yourself. If you have got these, what shades have you got, and did you love them as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

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Disclaimer: None of the products featured in this post are in affiliation with me. These are my own opinions and thoughts of these products.

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  1. I haven't seen this in shops dammit! They're such nice colours! I love the peach one! Abi :)

    1. They are beautiful aren't they? Maybe look for them online? Then you'll be able to see the full range. :) x

  2. Wow I love all the shades you've got! I haven't tried them yet but I know I won't be able to stop if I do ;) I think Hot Pepper is my favourite :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. It's great isn't it! Definitely go out and get one, you wont be disappointed! :) x


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