Saturday, 13 September 2014

Candle Haul

Some of you may know that I love candles. I think they're a great accessory for any room and smell absolutely beautiful! You can never have enough candles for each time of the year.

I've been lacking in my candles purchases this year, so I thought I would share with you the recent beauties I have bought!

Fireside Treats - Yankee Candle

As the name suggests, it has the scent of fireside treats, like roasting marshmallows. It is gorgeous! It smells exactly like the name and it's perfect for this time of year. It reminds me of late Autumn nights camping when I was younger. I purchased a small jar from Yankee as I don't like to spend too much unless I know I like the scent, but a small jar still burns for around 25-40 hours, so a fair while! I've already used about 15 hours worth so I can imagine I'll be needing to buy a bigger jar soon!

Pomegranate and Plum - Isle of Skye Candle Company

I had always wanted to buy an Isle of Skye candle as I love Scotland and I've visited the Isle of Skye before, so I was dying to get my hands on one. I bought the travel container instead of a glass as it was cheaper, so again I can test the scent and purchase a bigger candle at a later date. I actually use this in my bathroom. It has a lovely delicate fruity smell, and it makes my bathroom smell nice and fresh. The good thing about Isle of Skye candles is that they are completely natural, so the smells are natural too. This one doesn't smell artificial at all! This travel container burns for approximately 30 hours, and you can take this one anywhere! I would love to have more of these candles as there are so many scents to choose from.

Salted Caramel - Yankee Candle

Now this scent is strong. Like, really strong! It seriously smells like actual salted caramel in a jar. It's almost too over powering. It makes my flat smell of home cooking so I love it. This one has the same burning times as the Fireside Treats candle and again, I may purchase a larger jar if I do love it enough.

Cherry Tartlette - Patisserie De Bain

You can probably tell by the photos I'm yet to burn this candle, mainly because the others turned up in the post first so I've been obsessed with them, but also because this does have a more artificial scent to it. It still smells gorgeous however, so I'm waiting for that day where I do light this one. I adore the glass it comes in, it's so cute and colourful, and there are 4 more different candles to choose from, and I want to try them all out! This candle burns for approximately 30 hours.


I encourage you to order all of these! Yankee Candle have such a massive range so there is a scent for everyone, the Isle of Skye Candles are home made so it makes them that extra special, and the Patisserie De Bain candles are just adorably pretty! 

What are your favourite candle scents? Have you given any of these a try? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Replies
    1. It so is! Definitely worth a try :) x

  2. Great candle haul :) they all look and sound like they will smell lovely xx

    Brenda |

    1. Thank you! They really do. Finally got round to lighting the Cherry Tartlette tonight and it's gorgeous... :) x

  3. Those candles look delicious! Almost makes it ok Summer is over :)

    Lore /

    1. Haha! It does make it that little bit easier doesn't it! :) x

  4. Great haul, i love Yankee Candles.

  5. I'd really love to try the Yankee Candles. Too bad they are so expensive where I live. Hope to be able to bring some next time I visit the USA instead :)


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