Sunday, 21 September 2014

Shape Up Sunday - Week 2

Has it been a week already since the first Shape Up Sunday? Doesn't time go quickly! All week I've been reminding myself to stay healthy as it's been one hectic week. I'll be honest, I did slip up a few times, but I tried to keep it going. This series is not only for myself, but for anyone else who needs the motivation to help achieve their goals.
So lets do that dreaded weigh in.

My current weight this morning was...

12st 11lbs!
(Last Week: 12st 13lbs)

So thats a total of 2lbs lost this week for me. Not too bad considering I did accidentally find myself picking up a few unhealthy foods!

This week I would like to concentrate on exercise. Doing exercise helps tremendously to losing weight. It increases your heart rate therefore pumping blood and nutrients around your body, burning calories and helping to tone muscles. There are also numerous health benefits, such as helping to prevent heart disease, cardiovascular disease, depression, and type 2 diabetes, as well as giving you clearer skin.
Everyone has their preferred way of exercising, whether it be going to the gym, exercising at home or doing outside activities. Me personally, I found that going to a gym, with or without a friend, wasn't motivating enough for me, as I didn't enjoy the work outs. I prefer actually being outside playing activities, such as Tennis, Football and occasionally Cricket. 

I also love doing quick exercises in the mornings before work. I feel it stimulates the brain and gets me going for the day ahead.

My favourite quick exercises are; Sit ups, Lunges and Squats.

Sit Ups



These 3 exercises are perfect as they don't need a lot of room, and they're so simple. I do 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each, then I'm ready for the day!

I'm aiming to go out and do some sort of activity at least 3 times a week, as well as doing my small exercises nearly every day. As long as you are enjoying the type of exercise you are doing, you find you feel motivated more to carry on for longer and then going back at a later date to do the exercises again. Get your friends involved too! I usually find it motivating to have a friend at your side spurring you on.

Set yourself a target of how much exercise you want to do in a week, and if you get there by the end of the week, treat yourself to a little something. Nothing wrong with a little treat every so often! Just don't go overboard! 

I hope this helps anyone who has a goal they want to reach but are struggling to find the motivation to do so. I think motivation is the key to staying on track when trying to get fitter. Any advise on keeping motivated when doing exercise? Got any quick little exercises to keep you going for the day? Let me know in the comments!

Top Tip! If you're having a bad day and find yourself snacking on something unhealthy, don't give up for the rest of the day. Get back on track as it's better than indulging in naughty things and hindering your progress.

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  1. Well done! Two pounds down is great. I'm in a bit of a rut at the mo :(

    1. Thank you! Aw well keep up what your doing! Just got to find the motivation and keep at it. I'm sure you'll reach your goal soon! :) x

  2. Well done! 2lbs in a week is great progress!

    - Taisie


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