Monday, 8 September 2014

Top 5 Etsy Shops

I am a big lover of Etsy. If you're not aware of what Etsy is, it is a website similar to Ebay, but it's for people to sell their home made items or vintage things. You can find a lot of cute little things and I'm always searching through each shop to find something amazing.

At the moment, I am in love with 5 shops which I thought I would share with you, and I'm just waiting for that time when I'm paid so I can buy a few little lovelies!

Number 5: CarlChristensen

I am a big lover of photography. It has to be my favourite hobby, and I adore checking out others photos. I absolutely love Carl's work. I think they are so colourful and fun, and would look perfect to brighten up any room. I would love to buy a piece of his work soon and hang it in my living room (my room lacks any wall art whatsoever!). If you're a lover of photography like myself, check out his shop on Etsy by clicking HERE!

Number 4: DoubleBJewelry

I'm loving this delicate sort of jewellery more and more at the moment. I think it's a nice finishing touch to any outfit. This shop has some lovely little pieces which I am dying to have. The prices are not bad either so I think I'm probably going to purchase more than one item when I can! If you want to check this shop out, click HERE!

Number 3: FubiniCrafts

These are soooo adorable! I love every single piece on this shop. It's such a unique idea for a gift for someone, whether it be a card, or a necklace to give to a loved one, there is something for everyone! I love the dinosaur side of the shop so much! If you would like to check out some of these lovelies, click HERE!

Number 2: RuffledFrenzy

I adore these style of aprons and I have always been a fan. I've found this shop to have such a lovely selection, from novelty to food and drink designs, perfect for in the kitchen! I will most definitely be buying one of these one day. Trouble is, which one?! That's going to be a hard decision! If you would like a browse, click HERE!

Number 1: HeartsNSoles

So I have already decided on which pair I am going to purchase first. I love these because 1. I love Toms so much, they are my favourite type of shoe, and 2. I can't get over how amazing the designs are! Every single one looks so perfect and you can see so much time and effort has been put into each one. I have been admiring these for a while and I may ask for a few for Christmas too... If you'd like to check out the designs in this shop, click HERE!


So there are my top 5 favourite Etsy shops at the moment. Please go over to their shops and give them some love, they all deserve it!

What are your favourite Etsy shops? Or do you sell on Etsy yourself? Leave me some links in the comments and I would love to check them out!


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Disclaimer: None of the products or people featured in this post are in affiliation with me. These are my own personal opinions on these items and shops.

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  1. I LOVE Etsy, you can always find the best and most creative things there :) The Fubini Crafts shop looks awesome!



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