Tuesday, 7 October 2014

5 Reasons Why I Love Autumn


I cannot tell you all enough how much I love Autumn. It's my favourite season of the year and it just makes me feel all happy inside! Here I would love to share with you just why I love Autumn so much.

Pumpkin Flavoured Everything!


I actually only discovered how much I love Pumpkin last year when my amazing friend from America made me some mini pumpkin pies. I know pumpkin pie is an American dish so I'm over the moon she introduced me into them. I'll be making lots of them this season!


I talk about this all the time, but I love Halloween! The dressing up, eating lots of sweets and it's a good excuse to scare people!

Flavoured Hot Drinks

Autumn always seems to have the best flavours for everything, including delicious hot drinks to warm up with.

Woolly Jumpers

My collection of woolly jumpers is a bit extreme. I love every type of pattern and colour. Being snuggled in a big chunky jumper in front of a fire drinking a hot drink is amazing. 

Beautiful Colours

This is my favourite thing about Autumn, the falling golden leaves and the early sunsets, just beautiful! I love jumping into big piles of leaves like a child!


What are your favourite things about Autumn? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love autumn too! I love the cooler weather and Halloween :)


    1. Nothing better than snuggling up in a big chunky jumper! :D And Halloween just makes it so much better! :) x

  2. Very much on the same wavelength! I love Halloween, always have done through my childhood, goff years and even to this day! I also love the crunchy leaves and chunky jumpers! xx


    1. Aw there the best! :D I will never grow out of loving Halloween! :) x


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