Sunday, 12 October 2014

Shape Up Sunday - Week 5

Wow, I'm still going at this! Again, this week has been a little all over the place. Healthy eating one day, to unhealthy the next. I'm still trying to get to grips on what foods are good for you, so I really need to work on that...

So... My weigh in...

My current weight this morning was...

I forgot to! Whoops!

I actually forgot to weigh myself this morning. D'oh! I don't feel like I've lost any weight, so not weighing myself might be a good thing.

Like I said earlier, I'm still trying to get my head around which foods are good for you or not. However, my biggest problem for me is eating out. Whenever I'm needing some quick food, I resort to fast food restaurants. Not naming any names... But there is some fast food I cannot help but buy, and enjoy!

Recently our local services had a re-fit, which meant it also had some new fast food restaurants open. There are still the usual unhealthy restaurants there, but one new fast food restaurant caught my eye, and it's one I have been enjoying quite a lot, and have not felt guilty eating!

The name stood out straight away, not something you hear every day! Tossed is a healthy eating place which does not want to be boring. They are all about enjoying eating healthy food with their bright colours and funny phrases. 

Their menu is massive and there is so much to choose from, such as; Soups, Pre made Salads, Pre made Wraps, Platters or create your own salads and wraps! All made out of fresh food, and are all healthy. So far I have been having the create your own options. You choose exactly what you want and how much. It does work out to be a bit pricey this way, but I'm quite a picky person so it's perfect for me. What I've had so far have so much flavour in them, which again is a big thing for me.

We are very lucky to have a Tossed just around the corner from us in our services. There are 15 branches in total, and 13 of them are all in London! So if you're ever in the area or you're in London, keep an eye out for one of the branches.

I think it's great to have a fast food restaurant which is actually healthy! This I believe is my biggest downfall so I'm super happy to have finally found a new place for me to go.

Oh, and also, instead of having an order number, you get a famous persons name instead! Most recently we were given Jennifer Aniston! Not quite sure if this is just our branch or not, but I think it's a great idea. It did make me chuckle!

Have you ever visited a Tossed branch? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!

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