Sunday, 26 October 2014

Shape Up Sunday - Week 7

Whoops. Where did week six go? So I kind of forgot last week. I've been having such a busy and tiring week, I got home and slumped onto the sofa and totally forgot. I'm sorry! However, today's weigh in is good news! 

My current weight this morning was...

12st 7lbs!
(Last Weigh in: 12st 10lbs)

So I'm actually starting to get somewhere! To be honest, this week has been the week I've lost that 3lbs from last time. I ended up getting too frustrated with not concentrating on losing weight so I took a big step and joined my local slimming world group.

I always told myself I would never join a group for losing weight. I always thought they put you on silly diets which once you've finished, you just pile the weight back on as you're eating normally again. With slimming world that is not the case. You can still eat your favourite meals, just with a few healthy changes you can keep using for the rest of your life! On their website they have a massive list of healthier meals, including favourites like a fry up and a big juicy burger!

For me that sold it, so I attended my first session last Wednesday and immediately got stuck in. There are so many delicious recipes that I have been following this week. At the start of the week I weighed in (I actually weighed in at 12st 12lbs! So I had actually put on 2lbs!), and after just 4 full days I've lost 5lbs! Some people might think that's not healthy, but I'm not doing a silly drastic diet, I'm just controlling what I eat and using healthy alternatives. Losing 5lbs proves how much your diet can affect your weight. I'm never hungry and I'm not doing a crazy amount of exercise either. It's just will power.

Throughout the week, I have been cooking some delicious meals, and I have a lot planned too, so soon I hope to share with you some meals I have been making. If you'd like to have a look now, take a peek here!

Are you a member of slimming world? Have you got any great recipes you would like to share? I would love to give them a try!

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  1. I will be starting slimming world next week. Have you looked at slimming eats, it has a ton of recipes :)


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