Monday, 27 October 2014

Stay Positive And Aim High

I'll try and keep this post short and sweet (meaning, this might be quite a long post!), but I've recently received some great news, and I really want to share my story you.

I have been working in retail for 4 years, including my current full time sales job which I have now worked for 2 years. This whole time I have been working in retail, I'd not really felt like I've gone anywhere. I've been a sales/shop assistant this whole time and working in retail sometimes can't be very rewarding, but I kept at it. My current company I work for has probably been the most motivating. I work with some great people, I actually get on with my managers (I've worked for two stores within this company), and I've actually been encouraged to take part in courses to improve my experience.

The first store I worked for within this company was about an hour away from where I lived. At the time of starting the job, I thought it wasn't going to be too bad, but after time, I was getting thoroughly frustrated with having to travel so far each day. I had covered at a more local store to me a few times so I knew the manager there. After debating it for a while, as I seemed rather happy working for the current store besides the travelling, I decided working closer to home was more important to me (because of money and spending enough time with my fiancĂ©), so I had a quick word with the manager of this other store and started working there after about 2 weeks. This cut down my travel by over half so I was happy.

Within the first couple of weeks of being at this new store it was announced we would be having a re-fit, which also meant a new position of assistant manager was coming up. After being extremely motivated by my manager to go for it and me thinking this was the opportunity I have been waiting for, I finally plucked up the courage to actually announce I would like to apply for the job, and to try and keep a long story short, I got the position! So after working for this current store for nearly 5 months now, I have been promoted! I would have never imagined at the age of 22, I would be half running a store! I know it's going to be a challenge, but I have a great team to support me.

I am so lucky to have such a supportive manager, but what I'm (somehow) trying to say is, never think you're not getting anywhere in life. Aim high, and you could achieve something you never could have imagined you would get. Doesn't matter how old or little experienced you are, if you show the motivation and determination to get somewhere, you will eventually get there.

This post turned out a little longer than planned. Half way through writing this I decided I wanted this to be a motivational speech! Just always remember, do not feel like your in a rut with your job or anything else in life. You may not feel great or proud (this was me a while ago) about what you're doing at the moment, but if you aim high, you can achieve anything you put your mind too.

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  1. Aw congratulations girl! You deserve it! I used to drive an hour to and from work and I hated it... the drive to work is probably the worst thing ever! :P


  2. Congratulations! I became a retail manager at 22 too and it was scary but amazing!

    Remember - you can get people to do things for you now! I always forgot this/was worried about 'ordering people around' and ended up with a million and one things to worry and think about. Delegation will be your saviour!

    Hope it goes well!



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