Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Importance Of Looking After Yourself

So this is a very personal post for me. It's something big that really affected my family and I a couple of years ago, and seeing as this is breast cancer awareness month, although it's not directly about breast cancer, it's still just as important. This post is not to scare you or to get sympathy. It is to stress how important it is to look after yourself and others around you, as you might not know what is around the corner in life.

A couple of years ago my mum found a lump in her lower abdomen. This was actually by chance, she wasn't intentionally feeling or looking. She just happened to rest her hands there whilst lying in bed and felt a rather large lump stretching right across her lower abdomen. The next morning her and my dad went straight to see a weekend doctor, who advised she needed to see her actual doctor straight away. As this was a very serious matter, she was seen by her doctor nearly instantly, and was then referred to have an ultrasound.

My dad and I went with my mum to her ultrasound appointment, and after having a good long look around, they told us that my mum had a very large cyst in her womb which needed to be operated on. When I say very large, it was 18cm by 10cm, so imagine that in your lower abdomen, scary! They also advised at the time that this sort of cyst is not directly related to cancer, and the chance it was related were low. At this point we were very relieved. 

Soon after this my mum went in for her operation to remove the cyst, but because the cyst was so large, she had a full hysterectomy, which meant removing her womb, ovaries and even her appendix. The surgery lasted hours, and me being me, I was worrying the whole time! Luckily the surgery was a complete success and she came out with 32 staples going from just above her belly button all the way down to the bottom of her abdomen. She came out of hospital pretty quickly and we took very good care of her as she literally could barely do anything.

Whilst we were looking after my mum, her organs that were removed were sent to have tests done, unfortunately when the results came back, it was very bad news, which we honestly didn't see coming. My mum had actually developed cancer. This was not related to the cyst in her womb, but it was actually cancer of her ovaries. Immediately you fear the worst, but after sitting down with the doctors and having a chat about the different stages of cancer, we found out that my mum was in stage 1, which is the beginning stage of cancer. My mum had countless amounts of blood tests done and screenings to see if the cancer had spread to any other parts of her body. It hadn't. However, my mum was advised Chemotherapy would still be advised just in case anything was missed.

That summer, my mum spent the whole time having Chemo, which has horrible side affects, so she didn't even have the energy to do anything. It was horrible to see someone you love so much go through so much pain. From here it only goes up.

My mum finished all her Chemo, and had her check ups to see how she was doing and luckily there was still no sign of the cancer. After months and months of visits, we finally got to hear those words we had been hoping for, she was in remission! Words cannot describe how happy we were to get the news! A couple of years down the line and my mum is still doing great! She's fit and healthy and we have only had good news since.

This was the most scariest year of my life, and I am so over the moon my mum has come out of this fit and healthy.

My mum was one of the lucky ones. A lot of people do not get the great news that we received, and a lot of the time, it can be because people do not check themselves enough for lumps and bumps. I admit, I am one for not checking myself enough, however all I need to do is remind myself of this horrible time we went through. It's not just checking your breasts, check all parts of your body, men and women. Any differences, new marks or any new lumps, please go and get it checked out. It really could save your life. 

Again, this is not a sympathy post, this is to stress how important it is to check yourselves, because if it wasn't for my mum 'unintentionally' checking herself that one evening, we might have not discovered the cancer until it was too late.

This post is very different to what I would usually write about, and I'm sorry this post is long. I just hope it makes just one person at least check themselves tonight, as I would be very happy.

Thank you for reading. And I love you mum.

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  1. I'm glad your mum's doing well, she's been very strong. We should all keep an eye on our bodies, as you never really know... x

    1. Thank you. Definitely, it's so important to look after ourselves. :) x

  2. I'm very glad that your mum is fit and healthy now too. Your post is really important and I hope loads of people get to read it. <3

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Aw Thank you! I hope so too, I just want as many people as possible to make sure they look after themselves as you never know what could happen otherwise! <3 x

  3. Such a lovely read :)

    - Hayley xo

  4. I'm so, so glad your mum is now doing well! <3 This was a very brave and honest post, and it was great to read about something so important with a really good message. You should be so proud!

    Jemma xx


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