Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Vice3 Palette Review

Photo overload!

As you can tell, I bought the Vice3 Palette by Urban Decay. Previously to this, I only owned one other Urban Decay palette. I wish I had more, but I just can't afford lots of them! This palette was a very big spend for me, selling at £42, rather expensive in my eyes, but I'm so happy I bought this, as I'm loving it!

This palette holds 20 shades, all never seen before, and it comes in a gorgeous jewel-inlaid case and a little, handy, matching bag. There is a great selection of colours and finishes, and the palette is very well organised. Neutrals on the left, sparkly finished shades in the middle and smoky shades to the right, all with there own unique fun names.

So from the left column there is;

Left to right: Truth (which is barely visible in this photo!), Undone, Downfall and DTF.

Dragon, Freeze, Heroine and Brokedown.

Vanity, Lucky, Reign and Bobby Dazzle.

Alien, Alchemy, Bondage and Sonic.

Last Sin, Angel, Defy and Revolver.

I am really loving this palette. There is a shade for every occasion, especially as Christmas is coming up! They glide on so easily, but not too thick either, so you can layer as much as you like to get the desired intensity you want. Having this palette with so many different shades is lovely as I only ever need to take the one palette with me when I travel and stay overnight, which is made even easier having a nice zipped bag come with it too. My favourite shades of this palette are; Dragon, Sonic, Alchemy and Vanity. 

I think this palette is a great idea for a Christmas present for a loved one, or even if you just want to treat yourself! I'm sure you wont be disappointed! The only problem for me was the price, but it's pretty worth it.

The other Urban Decay palette I own is the Pulp Fiction palette, which I'll do a separate blog post about soon. I'm very happy with both of these palettes I own by Urban Decay, so in the future I reckon I'll be purchasing a few more!

Do you own the Vice3 palette yourself? What are your impressions of it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Beautiful colors, Freeze and Vanity are my favorite :)


  2. You are so right! This would make an amazing present, such gorgeous shades :)

    X Emma |

  3. I love this palette my favourites are alien and sonic but all the colours are beautiful might have to treat myself :)
    Lucy x

  4. I love the colours in this palette, they're gorgeous!

    The little things in life


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