Friday, 27 February 2015

5 Minute Review Friday - Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush

Hello and welcome back to my 5 minute review Friday series! This series is designed to give you a good honest review about a product I have been using in a quick space of time, but still long enough for lot's of information! 

This week I have chosen to review the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush!

I have been using this brush with my liquid foundation. Now I heard from a couple of resources that this brush apparently isn't actually designed for liquid foundation, but it's meant to be used for powders. Looking on Bobbi Browns website, it does specifically say it's mainly designed for powder, but it can also be used with liquid foundations too.

I was very hesitant when purchasing this brush, as it costs a whopping £30, which I have never spent on a brush before. So I immediately was asking myself, will it be worth £30? This brush has tightly compacted bristles and is designed to help give a ultra-polished 'HD' finish, so I thought it was worth a go!


  • The brush is lovely and chunky. It feels like it's worth £30. I find it easier to control a brush when it's thicker.
  • The bristles are so soft and it glides my foundation on perfectly. It really does give a nice lovely finish.
  • I haven't needed to use as much foundation as I normally would. I find with some brushes the foundation gets stuck between the bristles, but this one holds it perfectly.
  • The whole look of the brush is stylish. So it does not only feel good, but it also looks worth the money too!


  • I suppose the price is a bit of a downer, but I can completely understand why it's such a high price.
  • I'm not quite sure if this is my own fault, or if it is a bit of a trait with this brush, but after giving it it's first wash, the bristles went rather stiff and weren't as soft and delicate as before. This might be down to the cleanser I used to clean it, but I have to give it a bit of a rub in the palm of my hand to loosen it up a bit, then it goes back to normal. Very strange, but I'm pretty sure this is down to the cleansing product I used. I'll try it with something else next time. Any recommendations?
Would I buy this product again?

Out of all the brushes I've used to apply my foundation, this has to be the best. Having good coverage is so important to me due to the after effects of adult acne, but it's not just down to having good foundation, the brush is extremely important too. If your deciding whether you should splash out on this brush or not, if your looking for a brush that does great smooth coverage, this is the brush for you! Go out and get it now!

Has anyone else used this brush before? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

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